A close up of a womans cheek with a hand in a medical glove holding a needle to her skin.
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MediNordic is a Danish privately owned science-based company with roots in the US. Our focus area is aesthetic medicine where we offer non/minimally invasive medical devices, injectable implants, HA fillers, hydroboosters, threads, surgical instruments, lipoplasty equipment and clinically tested, highly effective quality cosmeceuticals and peels.
Our area of operation includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. We are independent, hence able to be objective in the partnerships we enter and the choice of products and brands we represent.




About Medinordic

Our history

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A woman lying down on a massage table. Six aesthetic devices are held over her face as a collage of the treatments MediNordic can offer.
Two woman in a white room. The woman to the left is laying down on a massage table, and the woman to the right is standing, holding a medical device.


Our passion

Our passion

Mission, Vision & Values

Affordable and accessible

Quality and effective innovations

Treatments with results – sound business

Mutual investment

Our Values

MediNordic is strong in their market and customer knowledge and willing to share that with us. This makes agreeing on the plan of action and targets so much easier for both of us.


MediNordic is easy to work with. Always solution oriented, quick to fill orders and professionally supportive.


MediNordic is such a good partner to work with, they don’t just sell to us but support us with social media marketing, patient leaflets, events and courses and clinical guidance so we can keep up with it all. They add value to our practice in so many ways which we are thankful for.

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When I need sparring about the instruments and equipment available for me in the area of Plastic Surgery, I go to MediNordic – they help me to choose the options that are right for me and my techniques. And it is a big plus that despite being of stellar quality, these often cost less than I thought they would!

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