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”Lipoplasty” is here to stay. To obtain the best results requires the best equipment and within this product category we offer highest quality equipment from Black & Black Surgical and Tulip Medical.

While Black & Black offers a wide range of surgical instruments and equipment specifically for aesthetic/plastic surgery, both brands offer the best of the best solutions for fat grafting/liposuction/fat transfer. The assortments include harvesting and injection cannula, filtering technologies, aspiration and infiltration pumps and accessories, etc. Each of the brands stand out in their own way, read more below.

Black and Black Surgical

“Black and Black Surgical” has more than 80 years of experience in the design of innovative plastic surgery instruments of ergonomic correctness and thus high functionality. “Black and Black Surgical” has partners who are some of the most respected names in plastic surgery, as the best innovative solutions and optimizations come from those who have and have had plastic surgery in their hands daily and for many years. These instruments are recognised and used by surgeons worldwide and include an extremely wide range of different instruments that ensure maximum accuracy and precision.

In addition to the instruments, Black & Black offers, as previously mentioned, equipment in the lipoplasty segment, including aspiration and infiltration pumps, tubes, harvesting and injection cannulas, etc.

Tulip Medical products

In addition to a range of harvesting and injection cannulae, Tulip Medical Products has developed a special manual filtration device (nanofat) that allows the largest fat cells to be filtered out, leaving only the microscopic fat cells. This is done via cannulas and different filter sizes that can be targeted to the needs of the patient. These finely-filtered fat cells are particularly suitable for cosmetic corrections such as small facial reconstructions (including implant-like effects), anti-age filler of own fat, wound troughs, optimisation of skin discolouration, smoothing of wrinkles on the neck and décolleté, treatment of wounds and scar tissue as well as for breast volume. Even after “fat grafting” from areas of the body with large fat cells, it is possible to filter these to such a microscopic consistency that they can be effectively injected with extremely beneficial effect and as an additional big plus – completely biocompatible in the body.